26 December, 2020

I wanted this project to have some sort of conclusion, so we’ll go with this for now. Today it’s Christmas in America and the day after Christmas in New Zealand. Trump lost across the board, and is melting down just like we knew he would. The Senate races in Georgia are happening on the 5th of January. Joe Biden will be our next president. Trump is pardoning lots and lots of people, including people who helped him break the law. Covid is much worse than it’s ever been, and accelerating by the day.

On the other hand, Trump will be gone soon. The vaccine is rolling out. We’ll soon have someone in the White House who’s interested in the job for all Americans instead of just his fans. So things are bound to look a lot different in 90 days. Covid will have killed a huge number of people, perhaps 500k. Biden will be president. Democrats won’t control the Senate. And our problems won’t magically have gone away, of course. But one really big one will be on the outside, yelling to be let back in. And he’ll stay on the outside, far from the powers of the government, where he belongs.



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