Short update today. I’ve been interested to see Trump’s approval ratings considering all the news that’s been swirling around him in the last month. There are signs that his approval rating is still pretty far underwater, which doesn’t bode well for him. But there are also signs they’re improving since the election, which is good news for him.

I’m also seeing some data about the approval ratings for policy decisions like repeating Obamacare or modifying social security and medicaid. These seem to be more unpopular than Trump’s base believes.

And the big news of the day is how Trump took China to task on Twitter yesterday. Policy shifts are one thing, and are fair game, even when they’re big moves. But announcing a policy shift via Twitter, rather than respectfully speaking behind closed doors, could cause more trouble than it’s worth. Especially when you’re bringing up the One China policy, China’s South Sea claims, and currency manipulation all at the same time.

Each of these topics requires a deeper dive than I have time for today. I’ll get to them in the following days. Unless Trump kicks off a whole new firestorm tomorrow. The chances of that are, um, not unlikely.