February 5, 2017

Feb 2

  • All visas revoked. 100k.
  • Feb 1 Iran put on notice from the press room
  • Cabinet folks pushed through with no vote (breaking rules)
  • Exxon (and others) don’t need to announce who it does biz with
  • Russia sanctions were eased
  • Trump started a fight with Australia over 1250 refugees
  • Trump started a fight with Mexico, claiming it would send troops
  • Reports that Trump is frustrated with how the ban was rolled out
  • White supremacists no longer tracked as terrorists
  • Berkeley protests, which included property damage

Feb 3

  • Devos vote made it through cloture vote, starting 30 hour countdown
  • The Bowling Green Massacre never happened, but was cited
  • Signs that Trump’s cabinet picks are slowing
  • DOWJ had a down week, but jobs report on Friday sent it up
  • Sanctions against Iran (surprisingly, not an attack)
  • Australia refugees moving forward, Trump annoyed
  • Administration walking back from new Israeli settlements
  • GOP walking back from Obamacare full repeal
  • Wall seeing a revolt from GOP due to funds

Feb 4

  • Earlier this week, Trump used prayer breakfast to talk Apprentice ratings
  • Earlier this week, Fredrick Douglass referred to by Trump/Spicer as a living person
  • Throughout the week, Iran was put “on notice” over and over and over
  • Last night a judge (appointed by George W Bush) ordered a stay
  • Trump called the judge a “so-called judge,” leading to new pushback
  • DOJ tried to reverse the order, failed, now appealing
  • Cabinet person <name> withdrew his name
  • SNL
  • Supreme Court
  • Thanks Rex
  • State department gutted
  • Ban goes into effect
  • State department staffers write protest “wire” memo
  • Rex gets confirmed
  • Judge orders stay
  • State department reinstates visas



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90 Days Ago Trump

90 Days Ago Trump

I analyze the Trump presidency, then share the essays 90 days later, like a time capsule.