See You In December!

The Triumphant Return of This Experiment

A Background

I ran this project in 2017 and completely forgot about it. But now if I look 90 days into the future, that brings us to December 26, 2020. The day after Christmas. Six weeks after the election. A month until the inauguration. Wow.

It Turns Out I’ve Been Writing Political Commentary All Year

In December 2019, I wrote An Illustrated Guide to the Primaries. In it, I explained how proportional voting (the opposite of winner-take-all) meant that the first four states to vote didn’t mean squat. I also wrote that Super Tuesday was going to crown the winner.

A Summary of My Weekly All You Need to Know Issues

June 14: All You Need To Know #1 set the stage with Joe Biden leading in all of the swing states, some by comfortable margins.

See You In December!

So that’s where we are today. I’m going to write a separate essay about how things feel today, the 26th of September. That essay will be published in 90 days, at which point the election will be over and the inauguration will have yet to happen. It’s going to be a wild time.

I analyze the Trump presidency, then share the essays 90 days later, like a time capsule.